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  Amartya K. Sen y la globalización

The strategic struggle between ideological rivals at the time of the Spanish Republic was as important as the military conflict, or even more so....
| PVP: 15,00€ | PDF: 7,50€
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Comunicación para la paz en acción: Periodismos, conflictos, alfabetización mediática y Alianza de Civilizaciones.

This book is part of the work developed by the department for research in communication for peace of the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace and...
| PVP: 20,00€ | PDF: 10,00€ | EPUB: 10,00€
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  Cooperación al desarrollo y alternativas frente a la crisis

The projects presented deal with the local development, co-development, peace studies, humanitarian action, education for development, and transv...
| PVP: 30,00€ | PDF: 15,00€
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Democracia, derechos humanos y desarrollo

Development aid should be based in an integral concept of itself, the one that not only includes economical progress, but also fundamental rights...
PDF: 12,50€
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  El iris de la paz. Paz y conflictos en la independencia de Venezuela

The book title proposes, deliberately, that the independence of Venezuela could be seen as a whole or through many of its episodes, as a process ...
| PVP: 15,00€ | PDF: 8,00€
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Ética y neurociencias. La aportación a la política, la economía y la educación

Neurosciences have achieved in the last years an obvious preponderance in the field of scientific investigation. The expectation raised by the ad...
| PVP: 15,00€ | PDF: 7,50€
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  Experiencias internacionales sobre microfinanzas

Regarding to the designation of Muhammad Yunus as doctor honoris causa, this manual is presented as a reflexion about the power of microcredits i...
| PVP: 18,00€ | PDF: 9,00€
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Filosofía en acción

The main objective which is implemented in the Cátedra Unesco de Filosofía para la Paz in Jaume I University is perfectly obvious in the book, wh...
PVP: 24,00€
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  Género y desarrollo

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PVP: 26,00€
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Los estudios post-coloniales. Una introducción crítica

Interest in postcolonial studies has increased due to their vast analytical and critical potential for research into the relationship between cul...
| PVP: 18,00€ | PDF: 9,00€
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  Migración e interculturalidad

Other formats:   
PVP: 18,00€
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Migraciones africanas y desarrollo

Muchas de las visiones, análisis y proyecciones que se presentan sobre las migraciones africanas en esta publicación han seguido caminando y toma...
| PVP: 20,00€ | PDF: 10,00€
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  Mujeres y guerra

Contemporary conflicts have a multidimensional impact on gender relations and it is particularly in the context of war where women are involved i...
| PVP: 15,00€ | PDF: 7,50€
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No matar es posible

It exists the prevailing assumption on that killing is an inexorable part of human condition that must be accepted in political practice and theo...
| PVP: 18,00€ | PDF: 9,00€
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  Tendresa i equitat en els processos de cura

¿Cómo podemos conseguir un cuidado no sexista, justo y agradable? ¿Cuáles son las características del cuidar pacífico? Estas son las inquietudes ...
| PVP: 18,00€ | PDF: 9,00€
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Un diálogo sin fronteras

In the first clash of modern civilizations, Bartolomé de Las Casas lodged the first moral veto against the wars of conquest. Championed for dialo...
PVP: 18,00€
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