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   Collection: Fora de col·lecció  Serial Number:
   ISBN: 978-84-8021-680-7

Title: Blasco de Alagón (ca.1190-1239).
Authorship: García Edo, Vicent
Pages: 240
Size: 29 x 21
Edition: 1 (2008)
Price: 60,00 €
Language: Català
Binding: Tela
Support: paper

The activity of Blasco de Alagón was decisive in the conquest and resettlement of the new Christian Kingdom of Valencia, but the literature of the period and the historiography of the century gave birth to a myth and a distortion of the truth. In this work, profusely illustrated in colour and black and white, there is a complete revision and an update of all the documentation that is known about this illustrious character in the present time. A key concept to know the origins of many of our towns.

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