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   Collection: Humanitats  Serial Number: 26
   ISBN: 978-84-8021-582-4

Title: Más allá de las sombras
Lo ausente en el discurso fílmico desde los orígenes hasta el declive del clasicismo (1895-1949)
Authorship: Gómez Tarín, Francisco Javier
Pages: 476
Size: 15 x 21
Edition: 1 (2006)
Price: 20,00 €
Language: Espanyol
Binding: Rústica cosida
Support: paper

This is a diachronic analysis work which stretches from the first expressions of film language until the consolidation of the commercial and industrial empire of American cinema. The reader will discover a reflection that unveils the fallacy of the discourse development mechanisms applied to cinema which sets the paradigm of an Institutional Representation Model and the consideration that such a model was a “natural” evolution attributed to primitive cinema. The book is an important reference for scholars in the fields of cinema, its language and its history

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