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   Collection: Innovació Educativa  Serial Number: 20
   ISBN: 978-84-17429-64-5

Title: II jornadas de innovación educativa DIMEU. Google suite para la educación cooperativa.
Authorship: Martínez Fernández, María Teresa (coord.)
 Vallet Bellmunt, Teresa María (coord.)
 del Corte Lora, Víctor
 Escuder Mollón, Pilar
 Esteller Curto, Roger
 Esteve Mon, Francesc Marc
Pages: 226
Size: 17 X 24
Edition: 1 (2019)
Price: 15,00 €
Language: Castellà
Binding: Fresada
Support: Paper

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University lecturers, secondary education and vocational training teachers, and indeed anyone interested in educational innovation will find the content of this work very interesting. The general objectives are to offer teaching staff support regarding the use of technologies as a didactic method, and thus improve the quality of the learning process and ensure that students effectively achieve the skills required by them. Accordingly, aspects such as innovative strategies, current educational trends, discussion and the exchange of ideas are presented.
The GIE-TEAM is an educational innovation group committed to spreading its activities and contributing to the improvement of teaching in all areas.

 Llopis Nebot, María Ángeles
 Marqués Andrés, María Mercedes
 Pacheco Aparicio, Julio
 Pastor Verchili, María del Carmen
 Sassano Luiz, Silvana
 Traver Ardura, José
 Vallet Bellmunt, María Iluminada
 Vallet Bellmunt, Teresa María
 Valls Martínez, Vicente Javier
 Zubiria Ferriols, Edurne
 Albuquerque Costa, Fernando
 Bel Oms, Inma
 Fuerte Cortés, Karina
 Gómez Trigueros, Isabel M
 Gutierrez, Isabel
 Martín Roda, Eva
 Román García, Marimar
 Sánchez Vera, Maria Del Mar

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