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   Collection: Història i Memòria. Testimonis  Serial Number: 6
   ISBN: 978-84-17429-90-4

Title: Historias de un niño republicano.
Guerra, derrota y represión en la ciudad de Castelló
Authorship: Perona Fausto, Juan
Pages: 361
Size: 17 X 24
Edition: 1 (2019)
Price: 18,00 €
Language: Castellà
Binding: Rústica cosida amb solapa
Support: Paper

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Juan Perona Fausto was born in Castelló de la Plana in the year 1931. His family came from Cieza (Murcia). Juan’s father’s eldest brother, Diego Perona Martínez, was the deputy mayor of Castelló during the Civil War and a member of the Anti-fascist Executive Committee of Castelló. This circumstance affected the whole Perona family after the war. The author of this work suffered the consequences of Franco’s repression, the obstacles that kept him from developing his work until he decided to go to Australia with his wife and his daughter. Although he lived the best years of his life in the adopted country, he never forgot his beloved city of Castelló. Perona’s writings, which belong to the generation of the “children of the Civil War”, depict in a very heartfelt and critical way the dramatic events that he had to endure during the Civil War and under Franco’s dictatorship. These stories bring back, with their memories, characters and situations, bring us closer to the truth of what happened in the city of Castelló.

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